Big Leaf Books specialises in the creation of handmade, bespoke books.  Using age old and traditional binding techniques, we continue to develop our own styles.

We believe that the cover of a book should entice the writer, artist, diarist to dive into its pages with optimism. We are unafraid to experiment with different mediums, and will use anything from vinyl records to wood, in fact absolutely anything that can be cut, glued or stitched. 

We see books as pleasurable and tactile treasure chests, each begging to be filled with words and pictures.  We realise the importance of having the right book for every occasion.

With the evolution of technology, the introduction of the Kindle and e-books, we feel duty bound to keep real books alive.  With progress often comes loss – loss of old ways, loss of traditions.  What once was fashionable, is now displaced, hidden or threatened by extinction.  Whilst we consider this a very exciting time, a time for exploration, our fear for the loss of books compels us to fill shelves with them, to pass this tradition on.  And so we create books as containers to be left for another time, for someone else to connect with.